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Honda Fit Recalled for 6th Time over Safety Concerns

When you select a new vehicle to buy, you rely upon many things in making a decision. The manufacturer of the car, the specifications of the model, and the guarantees offered by a dealership are just some of the things that consumers point to as deciding factors. All vehicles sold in the United States should be a safe and efficient means of transportation for Americans, including those who call Phoenix home, but the reality is that problems often arise. In some instances, vehicles may have faulty components or suffer from a design flaw that limits their safety or otherwise adversely affects their functionality, and in these cases, a recall may be necessary.

A recall is a systematic alert to all of the owners of a vehicle at issue, letting them know that there is a problem with the car and that the manufacturer will be fixing the problem without cost to consumers. Recent years have seen more recalls than at any other time in our nation’s history and many people have started to question the safety of cars on our roadways as a result.

Now, Honda Motor Co. has announced a new recall affecting the Honda Fit, making this the sixth recall over the car in under three years.

The current recall affects more than 283,000 Honda Fits and Honda Vezel crossovers to address two separate issues. The first issue is a defect in the power steering that has reportedly led to two car accidents. The second is a suspected control panel flaw that has caused at least six fires in vehicles, none of which turned fatal.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by Honda shortly and will be provided with additional information about the repairs that are needed, including where they can take their cars to be serviced. All owners are being encouraged to comply with the recall to rectify these issues and to prevent potential collisions in the future.

Nationally, approximately 25 percent of recalled vehicles never get the service they need despite the fact that it is provided to owners free-of-charge. This results in millions of cars on our roadways, interstates, and highways that may have known safety flaws or other defects which make them a hazard to their drivers, passengers, and others who have the misfortune of operating near those vehicles.

All drivers are encouraged to keep up to date with information regarding recalls by checking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website every six months. If you realize your car is subject to a recall, contact an authorized dealership for more information and to schedule any service appointments you may need.

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