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$162,000 settlement reached by Phoenix pedestrian accident attorney

A Phoenix personal injury lawyer at Abels & Annes has settled an automobile vs. pedestrian accident lawsuit for $162,000. The accident took place in Chicago, Illinois back on January 24, 2008 on the North Side near Wrigley Field.

The plaintiff was crossing a street in a crosswalk with a green light when a driver ran a red light and struck him. After the accident, the at fault driver tried to claim that she had a green light. However, there was an independent witness at the scene of the accident that saw the collision and agreed with our client’s version of events. The accident was investigated by the Chicago Police Department.

After the accident, our client was taken by ambulance to an emergency room. At the ER, he had multiple complaints which included right wrist pain, shoulder pain,and he had a large cut on his forehead. The laceration was close with nine stitches and x-rays showed he had a right fractured wrist. He was discharged from the emergency room with instructions to follow-up with an orthopedic surgeon.

Our client followed up with a surgeon a few days after the accident. Due to his complaints, the doctor ordered an MRI of his left shoulder. The scan revealed a rotator cuff tear.

The physician recommended surgery to repair the shoulder. Surgery was performed weeks later Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago.

The lawsuit filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County alleged the driver failed to stop for red light, was driving too fast for conditions on the road, and failed to stop for pedestrian in a marked crosswalk. The defendant had auto insurance with State Farm and the case settled shortly before the scheduled trial date.

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