20 Year Sentence for Former Teacher Convicted of Sexual Conduct with Minor

Sexual abuse and assault in the Phoenix area is a devastating crime and can affect the health of a victim for the rest of his or her lifetime. Victims of sexual abuse range in age from the very young to the very old and anyone can be a potential victim; unfortunately, many of those who are hurt come from the most vulnerable segments of our society. School children, those in daycare or who are cared for by adults without parental supervision, those who are physically disabled, and those who reside in nursing homes are some common victims of sexual assault.

Too often, these instances do not come to light immediately because victims fear what may happen if they report the conduct or because victims may not have an opportunity to report the wrongdoing. Aggressors may be in a position of power over a victim and this can further limit the victim’s ability to report. But victims of sexual abuse in Phoenix should know that they do not have to suffer alone and in silence because the law may be on their side. These victims may have the right to bring a civil claim against their abuser or against an entity who controlled the abuser and they may be able to recover for their damages. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix may help you understand your options if you have been victimized or if your loved one suffered sexual abuse.

A former teacher was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexual conduct with a minor, according to authorities. The defendant, a female former physical education teacher, was arrested initially in February 2013 following allegations by a former student of physical and sexual contact with the teacher.

In late 2012, a female victim reported to police and informed them that between 2005 and 2006, the victim was 12 years old and was a student at a Phoenix school where the defendant taught. The teacher allegedly became close with the student and on several occasions had the student over to her Mesa apartment where the defendant and victim engaged in sexual contact. The teacher was 36 years old at the time.

According to police, the former teacher admitted to the alleged contact when confronted with it and she was arrested and charged with the crime. As part of a recent plea deal, the defendant will face 20 years in prison and a lifetime on probation in addition to registering as a sexual offender.

Unfortunately, there are multiple reports of sexual abuse perpetrated by a teacher and victimizing a student every year. While many of these incidents make national headlines, experts believe exponentially more assaults occur than those that get reported.

The personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. have successfully resolved multiple claims on behalf of child victims of sexual abuse and we are standing by now to help you if a sexual assault has affected your family. We offer a free case consultation to all those who call us toll free at (855) PHX-LAWYER or locally at (602) 819-5191 and there is no obligation on your part for speaking with us.

We fight for the best possible outcome in every case we handle while respecting the rights and the needs of our clients because we believe that every victim deserves to have an advocate on their side. If you or your loved one has been harmed, call Abels & Annes, P.C. today and let us help you seek the relief you deserve.

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