2 Seriously Injured when Car Hits Oregano’s Restaurant

Phoenix is unique when compared to many other large American cities because it is relatively new and therefore has a more modern design. From its wide streets to its buildings with ample parking, many areas in the Valley of the Sun were planned with a large population in mind and as a result, drivers who choose to navigate the area by car can move with relative ease.

Despite these designs and the ability to travel by car to almost all places, car accidents continue to happen in Phoenix every day and many of them result in injuries ranging from the minor to the critical. Some collisions even cause death to drivers, passengers, or pedestrians involved. While many happen on local roads, some of these accidents happen in parking lots themselves and may involve a mix of an automobile and a pedestrian – a dangerous combination and one that almost always results in injuries.

Now, officials in Glendale have confirmed that two women were seriously injured while they were trying to enter a popular restaurant. Authorities say that a 58-year-old man was attempting to enter a handicapped parking spot with his vehicle at Oregano’s near 67th Avenue and Bell when the man, for reasons that are not clear, proceeded beyond the bounds of the parking space and struck the two women before continuing and colliding with a portion of the restaurant.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud collision and then screaming at the scene. One of the women, a 59-year-old, sustained critical injuries including damage done to one of her legs and is currently being treated at an area hospital. The second woman, a 30-year-old, was also hurt but is expected to survive and recover. Likewise, that woman is undergoing medical care at this time.

Police have stated that the driver had a medical boot on one of his feet at the time of the accident but they have not confirmed whether the boot played a role in the incident or whether the driver was fit to operate a car due to the condition. It is not clear whether the motorist will be cited for his actions in this crash.



Car accidents can strike at any time and for any number of reasons but no matter the cause or the setting, it is possible that victims will be hurt as a result. If a collision has affected your life or harmed or killed your loved one, make sure you understand your legal options by calling the personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. today.

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