2 Year Old Boy Drowns in Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a common site in Phoenix and across the valley. The warm temperatures year-round makes pools a desired addition to many households and can provide a nice way to cool off in the summer months. Though pools are popular with residents of all ages, their popularity is particularly high among adults who either have young children or who care for young children on a regular basis. Many children love to swim and it can be a great way for kids to get exercise while spending some time outdoors.

Unfortunately, though, having a swimming pool also presents a serious risk to swimmers of all ages. Swimming pool accidents are responsible for numerous injuries and several deaths in Phoenix alone every year. And of all the victims of swimming pool accidents, young children are particularly vulnerable to accidental drownings.

When a property owner, caregiver, or operator of a local public or private pool fails to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of others, they may be held to be liable for any injuries that result from the use of their pool, whether the victim was an intended user of the pool or a trespasser. In fact, all pool owners owe a duty to act safely and to comply with local laws regarding the use and protection of their pools. In Phoenix, this includes the use of fencing with latching gates and other measures that are designed to keep small children away from pools without adult supervision. Failing to protect others from a pool can leave the owner legally liable for the damages caused by the pool including any medical bills incurred by a victim or even the loss suffered by the family of a victim who drowns.

Tragically, authorities have reported that a two-year-old boy drown in a backyard swimming pool in Anthem yesterday. They believe that the boy was underwater for nearly 5 minutes before he was found and pulled out of the pool, at which point he was unresponsive. Paramedics were called and transported the child to an area hospital but he did not survive, despite efforts to perform CPR on the child after he was removed from the pool.

It is not clear who owned the pool where the boy drown or who was watching the child at the time but authorities are investigating and trying to determine if the child accidentally accessed the water.

If a swimming pool accident has left you injured or has claimed the life of your loved one, you may be entitled to seek relief for your damages through the use of a civil claim. These claims can help you recover financially to pay for your medical bills, nursing costs, and surgical expenses as well as any other damages you have suffered.

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