5 Car Crash Turned Fatal on I-10

Car accidents can involve anything from one to dozens or even hundreds of cars, trucks, and vans and can range from the minor to the critical. With thousands of variations in the factors that can lead to an impact, it can be difficult for a motorist to anticipate or even try to prevent all crashes. The truth is that many collisions are unavoidable for victims of those accidents or those who do nothing wrong other than occupy the wrong space at the wrong time, but this does not mean that the collisions must happen. Rather, the onus is on the part of a negligent or reckless driver to operate in a safe and secure manner, preventing dangerous conditions that may lead to an impact and eliminating the threats posed to those drivers who act reasonably.

While factors of a crash can vary, the chances of injuries resulting will increase with a greater number of potential victims involved. This means that as the number of cars in an accident increase, the likelihood in injuries resulting increases as well. It also means that multi-passenger vehicles like buses or vans run a risk of having additional victims when compared to a passenger car. When you are involved in a crash and you are injured, you may be entitled to financial compensation if that crash happens in the greater Phoenix area. A recovery can enable you to move beyond your accident and to move forward with your life by providing you the financial means necessary to get the medical help you need as well as providing compensation for other losses like pain and suffering and missed wages. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer can help you understand your options if an accident has affected your life.

A five car collision left multiple lanes of I-10 closed on Saturday night and claimed the life of at least one victim involved. According to police, the incident occurred on westbound I-10 near 16th Street in Phoenix and prompted a response by multiple ambulances and emergency personnel. One victim was pronounced dead at the scene and at least two other people had to be taken to area hospitals. Several others on the scene refused treatment.

At least one victim, described as an 85-year-old man, needed to be removed from his vehicle by responders and was unconscious at the scene.

Police are still reviewing the collision and trying to determine what led to the crash, including whether any of the drivers involved were responsible. The review began initially at the scene but was continued off scene by the time the vehicles and debris were removed late Saturday.



When a car accident happens and multiple vehicles are involved, victims may not know exactly what happened to cause the collision or whether anyone acted negligently prior to the impact. Speaking with a skilled lawyer can help you sort through the facts and can enable you to understand your legal options if you have been injured.

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