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5 injured in Phoenix car crash

CBS news in Phoenix is reporting that a multi-vehicle Arizona car accident at a red light intersection on Sunday morning has hurt five people involved. The collision occurred on Buckeye road near Interstate 17.

A man driving a white pickup truck in a northerly direction on a frontage road for I-17 reportedly disobeyed a red light at Buckeye road and struck a gold pickup truck in the intersection. The impact caused the gold pickup to flip over and then collide with a third pickup truck and a minivan.

After a police investigation, the driver that ran a red light was ticketed for disobeying the signal. Drugs or alcohol reportedly did not play a factor in the accident.

Due to the collision, a total of five people were taken by ambulance to local hospitals. One person injured was a young girl. The most seriously injured was an elderly woman that was a passenger in a white pickup truck, but none of the injuries are supposed to be life-threatening.

It was not reported if there is a Phoenix car accident lawyer involved in the case yet. Sometimes red light cases can be difficult for attorneys to prosecute, especially if there are only two vehicles involved and no independent witnesses. These types of accidents often turn into “he said she said” disputes as to who ran a red light. In this case, the Arizona injury attorney that gets involved shouldn’t have that problem due to the fact that there were multiple parties involved.

Another issue that can arise when multiple parties are injured in accident is whether the at fault driver has enough insurance to cover the loss. Currently, the minimum requirements for Arizona auto insurance is only $15,000 per person/$30,000 per occurrence. If the defendant does not have enough insurance, the Phoenix accident lawyer involved will explore the possibility of setting up an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim.

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