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7 injured in north Phoenix auto accident

An Arizona car crash that occurred Tuesday in the northern part of Phoenix has caused injuries to seven people, ABC news is reporting. The collision involved three vehicles and occurred around 10 AM near Cave Creek Road and Sweetwater Avenue.

A representative of the Phoenix Fire Department stated it appeared that two vehicles collided, and then a third car struck the first two vehicles. Video taken from an ABC news helicopter showed a white vehicle on the roadway with heavy damage to its front and back end. Rescue personnel could be seen prying open a door on the vehicle.

There were five people in one of the cars, and one person in each of the two other vehicles. The injuries sustained were reportedly non-life-threatening. is reporting that five people had to be pulled from the car and taken by ambulance to an area hospital. They further state that the crash was caused when a car rear-ended an SUV, and then a pickup truck rear-ended the car, pinning the car between the two vehicles.

While it is not been reported if an Arizona injury lawyer is involved, typically in a case like this the injured parties in the rear-ended vehicle will have a good negligence claim against the driver of the car that hit them, and his or her insurance carrier. Further, passengers in any vehicle involved should have a good claim as well.

Click here to read the story at CBS news.

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