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Advanced Technology Can Making Hilly Driving Safer

The area in the Valley is relatively flat. If you stay in the Phoenix area, you may see a few hills but not much more than that. If you are adventurous, you may try hiking Camelback Mountain or walk around Buckeye Hills for the day.

But if you want to leave Maricopa County, odds are that you will cross some pretty significant hills by road. Many drive north from Phoenix at least once or twice a year towards Sedona, Flagstaff, or even Las Vegas and the topography of the area is a little different that way.

Mountains and hills roll through much of Arizona, adding additional challenges to the normal issues faced by motorists. While these mountains can make driving difficult, many vehicles are equipped with advanced technology designed to make traversing hills both easier and safer. Commonly called hill descent control, vehicles may have the ability to keep a driver’s speed consistent when that driver begins to go down a hill. Without hill descent control, it can be easy for a vehicle to pick up speed continuously as elevation decreases and when a downward path is long, it may mean that a vehicle increases by 20 miles per hour or more. In contrast, those vehicles that have hill descent control will maintain a speed consistent to that which the vehicle was traveling before the hill began to slope downwards. By keeping speed in check, a driver will be able to better control a vehicle and will be less likely to be involved in a car accident

Most cars that have hill descent control incorporate the technology through a terrain management system, a device that helps identify a driving service and adjust a car’s actions in response. Terrain management can address things like slippery conditions, wet roadways, uneven surfaces, dirt paths, muddy routes, and even snow if you happen to be driving in northern Arizona. To learn about the options your vehicle has, review your owner’s manual or contact an authorized dealer because understanding all of the safety features will help you avoid a collision.

No amount of technology will ever replace the need for drivers to operate their vehicles responsibly and with safety in mind. Therefore, if you are driving on a hilly or mountainous roadway, make sure you slow down and prepare to brake when needed. Also, be aware of your position within your lane as drifting to one side or another can be much more dangerous when drivers are faced with long drop offs as is often the case in the mountains. Finally, increase the distance between your vehicle and those around you so that you will have extra time to bring your vehicle to a stop if a hazard appears in the road.

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