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Arizona bike accident lawyer settles case

Phoenix bicycle accident attorneys Abels & Annes have reached a settlement in an incident that occurred in Chicago, Illinois in February of 2010. Our client was riding his bicycle southbound on Clark Street when the defendant, who was driving a 2005 Ford going northbound, turned left and struck the bike rider. The at fault driver was trying to turn left/westbound on Cornelia Street and failed to yield to oncoming traffic.

The Chicago Police responded to the crash. After their investigation they issued a citation to the defendant for failing to yield on a left turn.

The bicyclist injured his right knee and left shoulder in the crash. After the accident he was seen in the ER at Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Diagnostic testing was negative for fractures.

Days after the accident our client’s pain remained. He sought follow-up treatment with a medical doctor. The physician then referred him to physical therapy.

Weeks later the bicycle rider’s shoulder pain remained so an MRI was ordered. The test showed he had sustained a mild AC joint separation in the accident. He continued with physical therapy and his condition eventually improved.

The claim resolved for a little over $31,000 and we did not need to file a lawsuit to settle the case. Nationwide insured the at fault driver.

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