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Arizona Injury Lawyers review 2008 traffic data as state prepares to issue 2009 statistics

As the State of Arizona prepares to issue a comprehensive report on traffic accidents for last year, a look at the 2008 traffic report provides an in-depth look at traffic safety in The Grand Canyon State.

A total of 937 people were killed in 842 fatal Arizona traffic accidents in 2008. In all, 119,588 Arizona traffic accidents were reported, injuring more than 56,000, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Crash statistics for last year will be released in the coming weeks. Nationwide, more than 6 million crashes killed 41,059 people, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported.Urban accidents were responsible for the majority of the state’s traffic crashes, with 81,566 accidents, compared to 23,113 in rural areas. However, more people were killed in rural accidents.

Of accident types:
Arizona bicycle accidents accounted for 1,989 crashes.

-Pedestrian accidents in Arizona were responsible for 1,524 traffic crashes.

-Motorcycle accidents accounted for 3,531 traffic collisions in Arizona.

-24,161 single-vehicle crashes were reported.

-Multi-vehicle crashes were the primary type of traffic accidents, with 95,427 reported.

Drunk driving accidents accounted for about one-third of all fatal traffic accidents in 2008, with 294 of 842 deadly accidents blamed on impaired drivers.

Of fatal accidents:
-414 occurred in urban areas.

-523 occurred in rural areas.

-114 young drivers under the age of 24 were killed.

Other findings include:
-February was the peak month for crashes.

-More accidents occurred on Friday than any other day of the week.

-Early evening rush hour — between 4 and 5 p.m.– was the most dangerous time on the roads.

-Saturday was the deadliest day of the week.

-Rear-end collisions were the most common type of traffic accident in Arizona.

-The most common citation issued to drivers was “speed too fast for conditions.”

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