Arizona motorcycle accidents in focus as riders hit the road to promote safety and awareness

Thousands of motorcycle riders took to the streets over the weekend to raise awareness in an effort to reduce the number of serious and fatal Arizona motorcycle accidents, according to The Daily Courier.

As we reported earlier this month on our Phoenix Injury Lawyer Blog, authorities nationwide are preaching motorcycle safety during the month of May, which is Motorcycle Awareness Month. A horrific Phoenix motorcycle accident that killed four people and injured five others is being used in the fight to get motorists to pay attention as the summer riding season gets underway. That accident occurred when a dump truck failed to stop at an intersection and drove through a group of motorcycles waiting at the light.A total of 98 riders were killed in Arizona motorcycle accidents last year, according to preliminary estimates. While motorcycle accidents are projected to decline nationwide for the first time in more than a decade, that is not the case in Arizona, where 98 riders were also killed in accidents in 2008.

Saturday’s ride included the Phoenix Motorcycle Riders Group and Phoenix MC Kruzers. The bikers rode from Mesa to Apache Junction. Those killed in the Phoenix accident were members.

“This tragic accident has motivated us to action that we hope will result in safer roads for everyone,” said John Fox, organizer of the Phoenix Motorcycle Group.

Safety Tips

– Signal. Use your mirrors. Check lanes before changing lanes.

– Don’t tailgate. Stay at least two seconds behind a motorcycle or other vehicle.

– Avoid distracted driving. Including using a cell phone while behind the wheel.

– Don’t speed.

– Tap your horn to alert drivers to your presence when necessary.

– Use hand signals as well as turn signals when riding a motorcycle.

– Use flashers when approaching slower traffic to warn drivers behind you.

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