Arizona Rollover Accident Leaves 2 Dead

Rollover accidents can be deadly wherever and whenever they occur. The forces involved in a rollover crash are often extreme and can lead to buckling of the frame of a car. A rollover can be triggered by a number of forces including debris in the road, a poor road design, a blown or failed tire, or an initial impact with a vehicle, like a sideswipe collision.

In Arizona, rollover accidents make up a small portion of the overall traffic collisions that occur every year but they are disproportionately responsible for a large number of fatalities. While improvements have been made to modern vehicles to greater protect occupants in the event of an impact, there is still limited protection for a driver and passengers in the event that the side of a vehicle or a roof strikes the ground.

When a rollover accident happens and people sustain injuries as a result, the laws in Phoenix apply to give the victims the right to seek a recovery. This can help an injury victim obtain relief to cover medical and surgical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering as well as other expenses that result from the crash. Speaking with a lawyer who practices personal injury law may help you understand whether you are entitled to relief if you have been hurt in a rollover crash.

Authorities in Tonopah received notice of a single vehicle accident this morning that left a driver and a passenger dead. When they arrived on the scene, officials determined that a vehicle was traveling westbound near the intersection of Wickenberg and Baseline Roads when it is believed that the car crossed the center line, overcorrected and began to roll.

A man and female were inside the vehicle at the time of the rollover. Both were ejected as the car rolled and both were killed in the crash. Their ages and identities have not been disclosed pending notification to next of kin.

Some rollover accidents are beyond the control of the drivers involved but in the majority of collisions, negligence or a mistake on the part of someone involved plays a role. When drivers are distracted, impaired, or otherwise careless, the odds of a collision occurring increase substantially and the safety of those in the area is put at risk.

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