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Arizona wrong-way driver causes deadly accident in Mesa

A woman has been killed in a Mesa car crash that was caused by a motorist going the wrong way on the Loop 202, according to This is the second wrong way accident on a Phoenix area highway this past week.

A spokesman from the Mesa Police Department is stating that the crash involved a police chase. Two detectives observed a vehicle pass them going well over 100 mph on US 60 around 11 PM on Wednesday. Police were not initially following the suspect and they do not know why he was traveling at such an excessive rate of speed.

The speeding driver was in a Jeep Grand Cherokee headed eastbound. Police officers tried pursue the Jeep, but then slowed down and called in a police helicopter. Police vehicles reportedly stayed a half mile in back of the suspect to try to avoid unnecessary danger to the public.

The driver of the Jeep blew through traffic lights as it sped through parts of Mesa. Officers tried to stop the vehicle at the intersection of Power and Brown Roads by blocking the intersection with police cars, however the driver got around them by driving through landscaping.

The police also tried using stop sticks at Hermosa Vista Drive and Gilbert Road, but the speeder was able to avoid capture again and got onto the Loop 202 heading east in the westbound lanes.

The Jeep then struck a car head-on, killing its 36-year-old female driver. The driver of the Jeep is facing manslaughter charges, and additional charges are expected to be filed.

Phoenix auto accident lawyers at our office reported just a few days ago that a teenage driver on the Loop 101 caused an accident by driving the wrong way. Three people were injured and hospitalized in that accident.

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