Avondale, Arizona bicycle accident seriously injures 12-year-old girl

A 12-year-old girl was seriously injured in an Avondale, Arizona bicycle accident a week ago Wednesday afternoon after she was struck by a car while crossing the street, AZ Family reported.

Police are asking the driver of a delivery van to contact them to be interviewed about the accident. They believe the driver may have witnessed the crash. The Avondale Police Department reports that the girl was crossing Central Avenue eastbound at Madden Avenue while riding her bike. The vehicle in the curb lane stopped as she entered the roadway. But a Nissan Sentra struck the girl while heading southbound on Central in the inside lane.

The girl was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after suffering a head injury. Police report the girl was alert on Thursday and that her condition had been upgraded to stable. The driver of the Nissan remained on the scene. The investigation continues and there is no word yet on whether charges will be filed.

Police are asking the driver of a white box-type delivery van, similar to a FedEx delivery truck, to contact them at 623-333-7001 to be interviewed as a witness.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 716 people were killed and 52,000 were injured in bicycle accidents in 2008. Arizona bicycle accident killed 19 riders.

Bicycle safety tips for kids:

-Wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet.

-Adjust a child’s bike for a proper fit.

-Check bike for maintenance issues, includes tires and brakes, before riding.

-See and Be Seen: Wear brightly colored clothing. Reflective tape or flashing lights are also a good idea. Make eye contact with a driver before proceeding.

-Control you bike and always ride with at least one hand on the handlebars.

-Watch for and avoid road hazards, including potholes, glass, gravel, puddles, leaves and dogs.

-Avoid night riding.

-Ride with traffic flow.

-Obey all traffic laws.

-Yield to traffic.

-Be predictable.

-Stay alert at all times.

-Look before turning.

Watch for parked cars.