Back to School Safety Tips in Phoenix

In most areas of the Valley, children are back in school, learning new things and exploring new subjects. Some schools have been in session for a month already while others only a week or two. Yet regardless of when the first day of classes took place, school is still fresh for most students and the back-to-school atmosphere is still thriving.

With kids returning to school across Phoenix, it is a good idea to think about the safety of those children and to be reminded to put safety first. Whether you have school-aged children or not, safety should be a concern for all those in Arizona and therefore all adults and drivers should consider the following:

Always respect school buses: If you are driving, you might get frustrated if you are behind a school bus that makes frequent stops. It may slow your commute and may cause you to stop numerous times when you otherwise would be free to continue driving. You may even be tempted to speed past a bus to avoid all the hassle that one can cause. But putting your own desires before the needs of the school bus can be a dangerous proposition that can lead to a collision with the bus, or worse, with a child who is getting on or off of that bus. Instead, be patient and wait for the bus to do its job. If you can safely pass a bus, you may do so as long as the bus does not have stop signs extended or is in the active process of picking up or dropping off children.

Obey school zone speed limits: School zones in Arizona, including those in Phoenix, have decreased maximum speed limits compared to the surrounding areas. While driving slower may be frustrating, these speed restrictions exist for good reason. Children may emerge from a school zone with little or no warning and drivers that are traveling fast may be unable to avoid a crash. Instead, to keep everyone as safe as possible, slow down and obey the speed limit in a school zone. Watch for children and always yield to them if present.

Do not drive while distracted: A national epidemic is emerging and it is caused by distracted drivers. Daily, fatal car accidents and pedestrian collisions are being blamed on drivers who were not paying attention to the road because something else had their attention. If you are driving a car, put down your cell phone and focus on traffic in front of you. Do not let outside factors other than the road get your attention and try to ignore other potentially distracting devices. Realize that even your own kids inside your car can cause a distraction to you while driving and if an issue arises, either pull over to handle it or be prepared with another strategy so that you do not have to divert your focus from the task at hand: driving.

– Yield to pedestrian traffic: It is still pretty hot in the Phoenix area but as temperatures begin to cool, pedestrian traffic will continue to increase, especially in neighborhoods and near schools. Be prepared for children who are walking and yield the right-of-way to them. Letting children walk across the street before you proceed can limit the odds of a collision and, as a result, limit the potential for injuries to children or minors that may result.

Hopefully, you and your family will remain safe this fall as you travel around Phoenix and no accident will befall you. However, if you are the unfortunate victims of a collision, make sure you understand your legal options and whether you have a valid claim for relief by contacting the personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C.

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