Blown Tire Causes Rollover Crash in Phoenix that Injures 5

When most parents place their children in a vehicle, they assume the car is safe and that they are not risking their children’s safety. But hidden defects or poorly produced and designed products can exist in any vehicle, lurking undetected for months or even years before an incident occurs. Often, a defect or a problem can cause a serious accident that may leave passengers in a car injured as well as others on the road.

Facts are still emerging regarding a Thursday morning accident in Phoenix but police have reported that the incident all began with a blown tire. At least five people were inside a vehicle traveling westbound on I-10 in the morning hours when one tire exploded, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle and sending it across the median and into the lanes of traffic designated for eastbound travel only. The vehicle also rolled over at least one time, causing several people in the vehicle to be ejected as it careened out of control.

Police have reported that at least two adults and three children were in the vehicle at the time of the tire blowout and that four of those five were in need of medical treatment. They were transported to area hospitals for examination and treatment of their injuries where their current conditions remain unknown. A fifth person involved in the crash was also injured but sustained less severe trauma than the other four and did not require hospitalization.

Tires can blow out or suffer a rapid loss of pressurization for a number of reasons, not just defects in the tire itself. At this time, it is not clear what caused the tire to blow or whether the vehicle’s owner had any warning of the tire’s condition prior to the accident.

A driver may be responsible for a tire blowout if the tire is not properly inflated, if a driver runs over an object like a nail or glass that causes a leak in the tire, or even if a tire is used beyond its useful life. But a driver is not responsible if a tire blows because of a flaw in the tire’s design or an error in the manufacturing process. It can be very difficult to determine what caused a tire to blow and speaking with an injury lawyer may be a good place to start.

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