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Cameras Stopping Traffic to Avoid Intersection Car Accidents in Chandler, Arizona

Redflex Traffic Systems already has cameras at 12 intersections in Chandler. The company is introducing a new camera that could potentially prevent even more intersection car accidents in Phoenix and the surrounding area. This new technology supposedly knows when a car is going to run a red light and will stop other drivers from crossing the intersection, according to AZ Central. The camera would stop traffic until the red-light runner has passed through the intersection.Our Phoenix car accident attorneys understand just how dangerous intersection collisions can be. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car accidents commonly occur at intersections because these are locations where two or more roads intersect and activities such as crossing over, turning left and turning right have the potential for conflicts resulting in crashes. Data from the National Automotive Sampling System-General Estimates System (NASS-GES) and the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) conclude that approximately 40 percent of the nearly 6,000,000 traffic accidents in 2008 were intersection-related accidents.

A majority of fatal intersection accidents happen when a vehicle that is turning left collides with another vehicle traveling through an intersection, according to the Chandler Police. When cars run red lights, they’re likely to run into a vehicle coming from another direction. But when they slam on the brakes to avoid a red-light ticket, their risk for a rear-end accident also spikes significantly.

This new technology claims that it can hold off other vehicles when a driver is running a light and therefor would reduce the risks of another car being struck in the intersection.

The new technology is serving as backup for the current red-light cameras, which initially claimed to be the solution to intersection accidents. Frank Milstead of the Mesa Police said that the red-light camera technology has improved and now they’re able to see the whole intersection and make adjustments to avoid an accident.

Redflex and a number of other companies have installed the technology at intersections across the country in exchange for a portion of the ticket profits. But this move caused controversy for those who say drivers are slamming on their brakes at these intersections to avoid a ticket. Unfortunately, these brake-slammers are causing their fair share of intersection accidents by causing an increase in the number of rear-end collisions.

Sherry Kiyler of the Chandler Police says that she approves of the cameras and supports their purpose. She says that they’ve not only reduced the number of intersection accidents, but have reduced the severity of them.

While technology at intersections will continue to be a topic of debate among residents and city officials, drivers are reminded that there’s nothing more beneficial in preventing an accident than awareness and attention.

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