Car Accident in Phoenix Injures 2 Men

When you get into a car, you place your safety in the hands of the person who is driving that vehicle. If the driver speeds, follows too close for safety, fails to yield the right-of-way, or otherwise acts in a negligent manner, you may be at an increased risk for being involved in a car accident in the Phoenix area. Few people analyze the risks and potential consequences of their presence in a vehicle when they know the driver of the car, like when riding with a friend or family member, but for thousands of accident victims in Arizona every year, the driver of the car makes all the difference in the world.

In addition to a potential threat posed by a driver of the vehicle in which a passenger rides, passengers must also concern themselves with the driving habits of other motorists in their area. The sad truth of vehicular transit is that even if one driver is as safe as possible, that driver and those people inside his or her car may be involved in a crash if another person nearby drives in a reckless manner. Regardless of how a collision occurred or which driver or drivers are to blame, if a passenger is hurt in a car accident in the Phoenix area, that passenger may be entitled to seek financial compensation and may be able to recover for any and all losses incurred as a result of the crash. It can be complex to understand and apply the law in these scenarios but speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you sort through your options and understand your rights as they apply to your case.

Police in Phoenix have confirmed that two men were injured in a Phoenix car accident that happened in the early morning hours on Wednesday. At this time, it appears that the single-vehicle accident occurred near Deer Valley Road and I-17 and that as a result, two individuals, ages 21 and 23, were ejected from the car before it came to a rest. Both people were male and both sustained serious or critical injuries due to the accident, an incident that is still being reviewed by local police.

Police are unsure which man was driving the vehicle or why the car crashed at this time but they are reviewing all relevant facts to determine whether speed and/or impairment were factors. The outcome of their investigation may determine whether either victim will be cited or charged criminally as a result of this accident.



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