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Any type of car accident in Phoenix or in the Valley can have tragic results, whether it is a rear-end collision, a T-bone crash, or a head-on impact. One of the most deadly types of car accidents occurs when one or more vehicles involved roll over one or more times. While advances in the designs of passenger cars have focused on safety in recent decades, little innovation has been directed at the roof of a car and its involvement in a rollover, meaning that common safety features may not prevent injuries in these cases. Rollover accidents are also more likely to lead to the ejection of drivers and passengers involved, an instance that almost always causes injuries.

Victims of car accidents may not know where to turn. What options for relief are available to them, and can they make a financial recovery to cover their losses? These are some common questions asked of personal injury lawyers by those who have been hurt in a collision and, perhaps surprisingly, can vary depend on the specific facts involved in any instance. Many victims have valid civil claims and can pursue relief regardless of whether they were a driver or a passenger or even if they were injured in a hit-and-run accident so consulting with a lawyer may be beneficial if a collision has affected your life.

On Thursday evening, a single vehicle collision occurred outside Maricopa and claimed the lives of two young teens. Officials in Pinal County have reported that a 23-year-old male was driving a pickup truck on a dirt road when the driver lost control of the vehicle, leading to a rollover collision. Two young teens, ages 15 and 14, were inside the truck at the time of the crash and both were ejected when the vehicle began to roll. Unfortunately, both of the teens were killed in the accident and were pronounced dead while still at the scene.

The driver reportedly was on farm land at the time of the crash and authorities suspect that excessive speed may have been a factor. They are still investigating at this time and it is not clear what charges the driver will face, though officials have confirmed that charges are pending at this time.

The driver survived the collision but was left injured and in serious condition. Emergency crews at the scene transported the man to an area hospital for treatment where his current condition is not known.
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Poor road design is being blamed for the high number of suburban Phoenix car accidents at an intersection in Florence, according to the Coolidge Examiner.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has secured federal funding to improve the intersection of Arizona highways 79 and 79B off East Sunset Road on the southern edge of town. While the improvements are not listed in the state’s five-year construction plan, officials hope to move forward with upgrades once the evaluation is complete.State crash data reveals that vehicles traveling northwest toward the stop signs and flashing lights sometimes fail to stop. Sixteen of 17 accidents at the intersection have been the result of a driver who either failed to yield or ran the stop sign. The state has enlarged the stop signs and added the flashing lights in an effort to improve safety. Officials are now considering either adding a roundabout or creating a T-intersection with a traffic signal. The cost is estimated to be about $2 million.

Phoenix injury lawyers note that according to AZDOT failure to yield was one of the leading causes of Arizona car accidents in 2008. One in 10 accidents were caused by drivers who failed to yield the rights of way — leading to 21,370 accidents that caused 87 deaths and 8,097 injuries. Only speeding was cited as a primary cause of more car accidents.

A total of 4,130 accidents were blamed on disregard for a traffic signal, leading to 19 deaths and 1,985 injuries.
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