Cause Unclear in Ahwatukee School Bus Accident

Parents rely on others to care for their children from time to time. Whether it is a child’s education, daily care, or transportation, parents need help and they place their trust in officials to make sure that their children’s safety is of the utmost importance. Across the country, millions of parents use school buses every day to transport their children to and from class and they trust that the drivers and operators of those buses to act responsibly.

Unfortunately, school bus accidents occur every year. Some of them cause the children on board to suffer injuries, and in the worst crashes, it may cost a child his or her life. No family should have to endure the suffering that follows a school bus accident, but if your family is faced with such a tragedy, know that it may be possible for you or for your child to obtain financial relief. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you realize what options exist in your case if your child has been injured.

A school bus with children on board was traveling in Ahwatukee yesterday morning when it collided with a vehicle for reasons that are not yet clear. Nine children were reportedly on the bus when the crash occurred though none were believed to have sustained serious injuries. Police officials confirmed a crash between the bus and a second vehicle which then led to the bus jumping a concrete median and striking a pole.

At this time, authorities are still investigating the incident. They have confirmed that the bus driver has not received a citation in the incident; it is not clear whether the other driver involved was cited or whether any charges may be issued in the days to come.

After authorities came to the scene, another bus arrived and transported all the uninjured children to school.

School bus collisions can range in severity from the mild to the severe. The lack of seat belts and the often crowded conditions on a bus mean that when a crash occurs, kids may be thrown inside the bus, increasing the odds of an injury.

The laws in Arizona act to hold an at-fault driver responsible for all damages that stem from an accident, including medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses felt by a victim and the victim’s family.

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Do not let your child continue to suffer without relief. Let us help you today by seeking the relief your family deserves.

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