Cement Truck Crashes Through Median, Catches Fire on Loop 101

Any type of traffic accident poses many risks to those who are involved, but when it comes to the damages that result, some crashes are more likely to cause devastation than others. Among the most serious collisions are truck accidents and semi-truck crashes regardless of whether they occur in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, or elsewhere in the Valley.

A typical passenger car is not designed or built to withstand the forces that are involved in a truck accident and any attempt to do so likely will result in substantial damage to the vehicle. When a vehicle is damaged and especially when portions of it crumple on impact, those inside the vehicle are likely to sustain injuries. Though common injuries include whiplash, fractured bones, herniated and damaged spinal discs, and head injuries, nearly any type of trauma-related harm can befall those unlucky enough to be involved in a collision with a truck.

The drivers of trucks can also be hurt in these crashes and often they are not the ones to blame for the collision itself. When factors beyond a driver’s control lead to an accident, the driver may be entitled to legal relief that can include financial compensation for his or her injuries as well as other damages like lost wages. If a driver was working at the time of the crash, the ability to obtain legal relief still exists and may take on multiple forms. These claims can become complicated but working with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix can help victims get the relief they deserve.

Monday morning saw a major accident on the Loop 101 that led to the closure of the southbound portion near Thunderbird Road. Officials in Peoria confirmed that a cement truck had been traveling in the area when it is believed that one of the truck’s tires blew, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle and sending it into the concrete median that separates traffic in opposite directions. Upon impact, the truck broke through the median and rolled into traffic on the other side of the Loop 101. All southbound lanes were eventually closed as emergency crews worked to extinguish the truck, which was on fire, and then clean up spilled concrete.

With the amount of truck traffic that Phoenix sees daily, collisions and other incidents involving trucks are bound to continue. If you have been victimized in a truck accident, know that you do not have to suffer in silence as local and state laws provide you with the right to get help.

The law firm of Abels & Annes, P.C. is comprised solely of personal injury attorneys who believe in fighting for the rights of those who have been hurt. If you sustained injuries, we want to help you and we are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make that possible.

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