Chain Reaction Accident in Glendale Injures Several, Including Infant

Chain reaction collisions are a serious threat to public safety in Arizona, especially in the greater Phoenix area. The risks associated with chain reactions are similar in some respects to those involved in more typical two-car accidents but those risks may be amplified. With a greater number of vehicles involved in a collision comes a greater number of drivers and an increased possibility of passengers. Simply put, the more people involved in an accident, the more potential injury victims that may get hurt in that crash.

Chain reaction incidents can occur for a number of reasons. Some may have a drunk or impaired driver to blame. Others can be faulted on a speeding motorist. In many cases, a driver may be distracted and may not notice stopped traffic in front of him or her. When driving in Phoenix, the interstates and highways are notorious for stop-and-go traffic which requires all drivers to be alert at all times. If a driver fails to pay close enough attention in the Valley, that driver may rear-end another vehicle and may cause a chain reaction accident.

A chain reaction accident happened in Glendale on Wednesday and it left several people injured, according to local police. The incident occurred near the 6200 block of West Camelback Road shortly before 5:00 p.m. and involved four vehicles in total.

It is not clear why the chain reaction began but officials speculated that distraction may have played a role. At this time, they have confirmed that one motorist failed to stop for traffic and rear-ended a second vehicle in front of her. The second vehicle struck a third right in front of it and the third collided with a fourth. Among the vehicles, several people sustained injuries but none appeared more severe than that sustained by a three-month-old infant. The child allegedly suffered from head injuries and needed CPR while on the scene. A nurse in one of the vehicles provided CPR to the infant until emergency medical crews arrived and transported the child to an area hospital where the child’s condition remains unclear.

Injuries are common in car accidents, including chain reaction collisions in Phoenix. While these injuries may require a victim to seek medical attention or to obtain needed care, the victim may not have to bear the financial responsibility associated with this treatment. The laws in Phoenix and in Arizona generally enable those who are hurt by the actions of another to seek financial compensation to the full extent of their losses by the use of a civil claim. Speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you understand how these claims work and whether you have a valid action for your injuries.

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