Distractions: A Top Cause for Car Accidents in Phoenix through Holidays

We’ve recently been talking about the dangers that drivers face on our roadways through the holiday travel season. We’ve even touched on the dangers of driving while distracted. But add these factors together and you’ve got a recipe for a serious car accident in Phoenix. According to Hands-Free Info, there was no statewide law enacted in Arizona until 2011. Laws for 2012 don’t look promising either. The top leaders at the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety say they won’t be backing text messaging bans for drivers because these types of laws will be difficult to enforce.”How can you prove, from outside of a vehicle, if a person is text messaging or dialing a phone number?,” asks highway safety director Alberto Gutier.

Our Phoenix car accident attorneys understand that Gutier also recently dismissed a proposal for a hand-held cell phone law. Only school bus drivers are prohibited from talking on a cell phone behind the wheel in Arizona. Phoenix has a separate law stating that no drivers are allowed to text message at the wheel. Arizona is one of the few states left that has yet to enact a statewide ban on these dangerous driving behaviors.

With the road traffic increasing through the remainder of the year, drivers are asked to willingly give up the distractions at the wheel. Only safe and alert driving habits can help to keep our roads injury and fatality free during the holidays.

Tips to Help Curb Distractions at the Wheel, from the Governors Highway Safety Association:

-If you have to answer or make a call on your cell phone while you’re driving, pull over and stop in a safe spot before doing so.

-If the phone call or text message can’t wait, ask a passenger to help you out.

-Set up your voice mail to tell callers that you may not be answering because you’re driving and that you’ll call them back once you’ve stopped safely.

-Don’t text, especially in Phoenix where it’s illegal.

-Check our road maps and GPS devices before you start going. If you get lost along the way, ask a passenger to help you out with the directions.

-Make sure all children and pets are properly restrained in the vehicle.

-If you have to address a problem with your child or your pet, pull over safely and come to a complete stop before doing so.

-Your best bet is to turn off all of your electronic devices before starting your car.

Drivers need to keep their full and undivided attention on the task at hand, which is to safely navigate our roadways. By practicing responsible driving habits, we can all do our part to achieve safer roadways through the holiday season. Have a safe and happy holiday, and please drive safely.

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