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Drag Racing in Phoenix Causes Crash, Critically Injures 3 Children

Police believe that a serious car crash on Saturday started when two vehicles were drag racing in Phoenix and at least one driver lost control of his car.

The incident took place near 35th Avenue and Greenway Road between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and began with two cars that were racing one another. One of the racing cars collided head-on with a third car that was in the area, causing significant damage to both vehicles and forcing one of the cars to roll over onto its roof. Inside the third car were a man and three children who ranged in age from three to eleven, all of whom were critically injured.

The racing car was reportedly driven by a young male and had a second young male as a passenger. Both sustained injuries and were transported to local hospitals but were expected to survive. The driver of the third car was also injured but was described as sustaining minor injuries when compared to the children. It is not yet clear whether the undamaged car involved in the street race remained at the scene or left prior to the arrival of local police.

Street racing is illegal in Arizona and it poses a serious threat to public safety, yet some drivers still engage in the activity regardless of the consequences. If street racing results in an accident that seriously injures or kills another, a driver may face a felony charge and, if convicted, may serve serious time behind bars. Additionally, anyone caught street racing may lose his or her driver’s license, be forced to pay fines, be required to perform community service, or face other penalties.

In addition to those punishments instilled by the state of Arizona, a drag racing driver who causes another to become injured may also be held financially liable for any damages caused in an accident. This can include having to pay for the medical bills and lost wages of those who are hurt in an accident as well as any other financial expenses that may be incurred by victims.

A racing driver can be liable for injuries sustained by anyone in an accident, including a pedestrian, a passenger in another car, or even a passenger in the drag racing driver’s car. This is because Arizona law holds negligent drivers responsible for their actions and regardless of who ends up getting hurt.



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