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Drivers should review the rules of the road to avoid Phoenix accidents

GMAC Insurance recently released the results of a nationwide survey which seemed to illustrate the need for drivers to brush up on the rules of the road, according to Yahoo news. The study shows that over twenty percent of U.S. motorists would not pass a drivers test if they had to take one now.

This percentage is actually better when compared to 2010, when 76.2% of drivers would fail a test, as compared to 77.9% in 2011. In 2010, 30 million drivers in the United States were unfit to be on the road. These survey results arguably show that many American drivers have unsafe habits, which could lead to a greater number of Arizona car crashes.

Here are some of the survey results:

75% of the drivers surveyed were unaware of safe following distances.

85% of those surveyed were unaware of the appropriate actions to make when coming to a yellow light.

Motorists in the Northeast had the lowest scores on the test, while those in the Midwest scored highest.

Older drivers surveyed did the best. The oldest group tested was ages 60-65, and they tested at 80.3%

Washington D.C. scored lowest of all major cities.

Wyoming receive the best results of all states, where drivers surveyed had a 95% pass rate.

The GMAC insurance survey is done annually. Over 5000 motorists from 50 states and the District of Columbia took the 20 question test.

As a Phoenix auto accident attorney, I can tell you that rules of the road violations often lead to innocent people being injured. Car crashes often occur due to motorists either not knowing the rules of the road or failing to obey rules of the road.

In my experience, some of the most common rule violations that lead to accidents are as follows:

1. Following too close. This violation usually results in a driver rear ending a car in front of them.

2. Failure to yield when coming out of a two-way stop sign.

3. Failure to yield while turning left.

4. Failing to observe yield to pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists on the roadway. These types of accidents are often the most deadly, as even low-speed impacts can lead to catastrophic injuries
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