Driving Safely During Monsoon Season

Rain is infrequent in Phoenix to say the least. Throughout most of the year, rain is sporadic and might not appear for weeks or months at a time. Most people consider the lack of rain and sunny skies to be a benefit of living in the desert but it poses issues as well. When rain does strike the Valley or when a monsoon hits, flash floods can appear in moments, cascading over roads and filling up ditches.

Monsoon season in Phoenix is now defined as June 15 through September 30 every year but storms can and sometimes do occur outside of this time frame. Monsoons are dangerous because they can occur with little or no warning, transforming a day from pleasant and dry to one with heavy rain in a matter of minutes. Arizona’s dry landscape means that dust storms occur during this time as well, obscuring visibility and making outdoor tasks difficult.

When storms hit, driving becomes treacherous. Here are some tips to keep in mind when driving during wet or inclement weather:

Slow Down: It may sound simple, but driving at a normal rate of speed can prove to be deadly once the rain begins. Instead, slow down based on the intensity of the rain, the wetness of the roads, and the ability of your car and its tires to handle the driving conditions. When it comes to water, slower drivers are less likely to be involved in collisions.

Avoid Skids: Slamming on the brakes or taking corners at a high rate of speed are likely to cause a vehicle to skid when it is raining. Instead, apply moderate and consistent pressure to the brake pedal when you need to slow or stop and decrease your speed as necessary. Once a skid beings, do not panic but take your foot off the gas and steer your vehicle consistently until you regain control.

Get a Tune Up: Keeping your car, truck, or van in good condition can help you in the event of poor weather. Having tires with plenty of thread on them and keeping the tires properly inflated can help reduce the risk of hydroplaning if standing water is on a road’s surface.

Drive Defensively: Keep a lookout for other drivers in the area. Even if you are driving safely, you may be the victim of a car accident if another motorist does not put safety first. Your best bet is a good defense by watching for hazards that might appear in your path.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a Phoenix area car crash and you sustained injuries, you may be entitled to relief. Even when poor weather contributes to a collision, in many cases a driver involved still acted negligently and it may be possible for a victim to obtain a financial recovery. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who has experience with car accident victims may help you understand your legal options, including whether you are entitled to bring a claim.

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