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Drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving among the leading causes of Arizona car accidents

Drunk driving, speeding, failure to yield and distracted driving are among the leading causes of Arizona car accidents, according to statistics from the Arizona Department of Transportation.

A motorist is injured every 10 minutes and someone dies every 9 hours in an Arizona traffic accident.

-One-third of Arizona car accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

-8 out of every 10 Arizona drunk driving accidents occur in an urban area.

-7 of 10 Arizona car accidents occurred during daylight hours, between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

-33 children under the age of 14 were killed and 4,510 were seriously injured in Arizona car accidents.

Overall, the number of serious and fatal Arizona traffic accidents has declined in the past 5 years.

2004: 138,899 crashes, 1,159 fatalities, 73,693 injuries.
2008: 119,588 crashes, 937 fatalities, 56,009 injuries.

However, as we reported recently on our Phoenix Injury Lawyer Blog, authorities believe some of the decrease is the result of the downturn in the economy and record high gas prices in recent years. The state will release accident statistics for last year in the coming weeks.

Arizona Car Accidents

-Nearly half of all multiple-vehicle Arizona car accidents — 43,738 of 95,427– involved a rear-end collision. A T-bone collision was the next most likely cause, accounting for 17,848 accidents.

Leading causes of Arizona car accidents
Speeding: 41,567 crashes killed 304 motorists and injured 13,653.
Failure to Yield: 21,370 crashes, killed 87 motorists and injured 8,097.
Distracted Driving: 14,252 crashes killed 55 motorists and injured 3,724.
Unsafe Lane Changes: 6,601 accidents killed 7 motorists and injured 963.
Following too Closely: 4,568 accidents killed one motorist and injured 1,245.

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