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Early Dust Storm Brings Potential for Car Accidents

Summertime in Phoenix often brings more than just sunshine. Dust storms make a seasonal appearance most years, decreasing visibility and making it difficult to drive a car. The lowered visibility is a primary reason that car accidents in Phoenix and the rest of the Valley increase when dust storms are present.

Dust storms by themselves do not usually cause car accidents. Generally, the poor weather condition combines with drivers who are speeding, ignoring traffic signals, or otherwise acting in a negligent manner and the combination of all factors results in a collision. The laws in Phoenix are designed to protect accident victims in the event of a crash, allowing victims who are injured the right to seek a recovery for their damages. Often, these recoveries can provide compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation needs, and even lost wages that were unable to be earned while an accident victim recovered. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who represents car accident victims is a good place to learn about your legal right and legal options after a collision.

In an unusual turn of events, a dust storm hit the Phoenix area yesterday, months before the summer monsoon season sets in and months before dust storms usually happen in the Valley. The storm began in the area of I-10, south of Phoenix but quickly traveled north, covering many highways and city roads in dust. It is unclear whether any car accidents are being blamed in whole or in part on the storm, but as the season progresses, it is likely that similar storms will contribute to at least some collisions.

Experts all agree that when a dust storm occurs, the safest thing is to avoid it if possible. Do not drive if you do not have to and if you are already driving when a storm begins, pull over if necessary. Also, reduce your speed and anticipate the presence of other vehicles on the road, even if the dust makes it difficult to see them. If you have young children or pets outside, consider bringing them inside the house until the storm passes to make sure they are not injured if a collision does occur on your street.



If you were involved in a car accident during a dust storm and you suffered injuries, you may be entitled to relief. The lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. are standing by now to take your call and to help you with your case.

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