Economy could be partly responsible for fewer Arizona car accidents

A study by Allstate Insurance found less danger of a Phoenix car accident or a serious or fatal traffic accident elsewhere in Arizona last year.

Our Phoenix injury attorneys have reported the impact the economic downturn has had on the number of car accidents across the nation, but particularly in states where winter residents and tourism play an important role, including Florida and Arizona.

Washington, D.C. was the worst city in the nation — the average motorist reported an accident every 5.1 years. The best city was Fort Collins, Colo. There, a driver went about 14.5 years between accidents. The wort large cities included Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Arizona Cities ranked from best to worst:

-Chandler ranked 16th, compared to 43rd last year. A driver goes an average of 11.4 years between accidents.

-Tucson ranked 20th. Last year it was 26th. A driver goes an average of 11.3 years between accidents.

-Mesa ranked 23rd, compared to 49th last year. An average of 11.2 years between crashes.

-Gilbert ranked 25th compared to 51st last year. 11.2 years between accidents.

-Scottsdale ranked 34th compared to last year’s ranking of 56th. 10.9 years between accidents.

-Tempe was 47th compared to 86th last year. 10.4 years between accidents.

-Glendale was 50th compared to 71st last year. 10.3 years between accidents.

-Phoenix was 74th compared to 95th last year. 9.8 years between accidents.

-Peoria was 91st, down slightly from 88th last year. 9.6 years between crashes.

“For the sixth year, Allstate is releasing the Allstate America’s Best Driver’s Report to facilitate an ongoing dialogue on safe driving,” said Mike Roche, senior vice president, Allstate’s Claim Organization. “Human error is the biggest cause of accidents. It is vital for us to educate drivers across the country on the importance of being tolerant and attentive behind the wheel.”

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