Elderly Coupled Killed in Glendale when Driver Runs Red Light

Over 200,000 people live in Glendale, keeping the city busy and leading to thousands of cars on the roads every day. In addition to the residents, more drivers are in the city for work or pleasure and this time of year, the city swells as many host family members and friends for the holidays.

Police believe that an elderly couple was in Glendale Sunday night in anticipation of the holidays which they planned to spend with some family members in the Valley. What they did not plan was to be involved in a car accident that claimed their lives and likely was due to the negligence of another driver.

It appears that a 71-year-old man and his 70-year-old wife were being driven by a relative in Glendale on Sunday. A man in his 30s was reportedly driving northbound on 75th Avenue, approaching the car carrying the elderly couple. The man allegedly failed to stop at a red light and caused a collision with the victims’ car, seriously injuring all three people in the second car. The elderly husband and wife both died of their injuries and the family member driving them was transported to an area hospital for examination and treatment. Though her current condition is unknown, authorities have reported that she has been discharged from the hospital at this time.

Police are still investigating what caused the male driver to allegedly run a red light. At this time, they do not believe the driver was impaired but police do not have a different explanation for the incident that led to the crash.

Depending on the investigation, the male driver may be cited for his part in the collision that led to the deaths of the two victims. Regardless of whether the driver is cited, though, the family members of the victims who lost their lives may be entitled to relief under the law.



Accident victims in the Phoenix area may be entitled to seek financial relief against those who caused them harm. In many cases, this is the driver of a car who made a poor decision or who acted negligently in some manner, causing a collision that resulted in injuries. Phoenix laws allow these victims to seek payment to cover their damages, including medical bills they incur, medical bills they will incur in the future, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In the tragic case where a victim loses his or her life, the right to bring a claim for damages may rest with the victim’s family members who can seek compensation for what they have lost.

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