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Excessive Heat Warning for Phoenix; Accidents Expected

All this week, a large portion of Arizona is under an excessive heat warning as issued by the National Weather Service. The entire Phoenix area is covered by this heat warning and temperatures are expected to remain above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the majority of the week. Saturday could see a high of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

These temperatures are nothing new if you have lived in Maricopa County for a while though it may seem like they are starting a little early in the year. However, it is unwise to be lulled into a sense of familiarity simply because Arizona has high temperatures every year. Rather, it is a good idea to review some of the safety issues that accompany these extreme temperatures so that you can take any steps necessary to keep your family safe.

Automobile safety becomes a major concern when the heat is high in Phoenix. Excessive temperatures can lead a vehicle to overheat, stranding a motorist on the side of the road or a highway. When this happens, a driver’s air conditioning may also not work which means that motorist may face heat stroke or other injuries if she is outside too long. If it has been some time since your vehicle last received a tune up, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with an experienced mechanic who will make sure your car is in proper working order. If there are any problems or concerns with your vehicle, it is always best to address them before they become a problem that leaves you in a frightening situation during these hot days to come.

Similarly, hot temperatures put an extreme amount of stress on your car’s tires. As the heat rises, tires bend and flex more and may move beyond their intended dimensions. This often leads to a tire failure or a tire blowout car accident and can have serious consequences to those in the car as well as those nearby. Other drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians face a very real risk when a tire blows out because these collisions often involve multiple vehicles and/or occupants. That means that one tire blowout can affect several lives even if they are not inside the affected car.

A large number of Phoenix residents and those across the Valley will try to cool off this week in a swimming pool. When the temperatures spike, sometimes water is the best way to keep cool and to keep your sanity. Fortunately, most individuals have access to one or more pools as they are so common in both the private and public setting here. Unfortunately, odds are that people will be injured this week in and around water as swimming pool accidents are incredibly common in the area. Children are at a high risk for submersions and drownings as they often fail to realize the dangers posed by a pool. Adults who are unskilled swimmers or who have consumed alcohol likewise face serious risks. The best advice is to always supervise children when they are in or even around water and to never let adults swim by themselves. If you are spending time in a pool, make sure you are actively paying attention to what is happening and that you are not distracted by a cell phone or another attention-stealing device.

Hopefully, your time during this excessive heat warning will be as cool as possible and accident-free, but if it is not, know that you may be entitled to legal relief for your damages.

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