Fire Truck Struck by SUV in Phoenix

A fire truck was responding to a call when it was hit by an SUV in Phoenix, according to local police. The incident occurred early Friday morning in the area of 7th Street and Indian School Road and sent several people to area hospitals with accident-related injuries.

Police say that the fire truck had its lights and sirens activated as it traveled towards a fire in the area of 13th Street and Devonshire Avenue shortly before 4:00 a.m. The fire truck was traveling eastbound on Indian School and had a red light at 7th Street. With its lights and sirens activated, the fire truck had the right-of-way at the intersection even though it had a red light and it proceeded eastbound. An SUV approaching the intersection had a green light and entered the intersection at the same time as the fire truck, causing a collision between the two vehicles.

The impact of the collision caused the fire truck to roll over on its side, injuring four firefighters inside. At least one person inside the SUV was injured as well and all five victims received medical treatment at area hospitals. Police do not believe that anyone suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident and believe that all victims will recover.

Police are still investigating the incident and at this time, it is not clear whether any citations will be issued as a result of the crash. Automobile accidents involving emergency vehicles can be more complicated to review than other crashes because the traffic rules that apply to these drivers are different.

Generally, a driver with a green light has the right-of-way at an intersection which allows that driver to proceed down the road. A driver with a red light must yield to traffic with a green light. However, an emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens activated has the right-of-way regardless of what color traffic light is facing the vehicle. All other vehicles are required to pull to the right of the road and allow emergency vehicles to pass so that those vehicles can respond to an emergency as efficiently as possible.

Emergency vehicles must still operate with caution and they are required to wait until it is clear before entering an intersection against a red light. It is not yet known which driver is at fault for this crash or whether both drivers bear some of the responsibility. When one or more driver acts negligently and causes a crash, though, passengers injured as a result of that negligence can bring a claim for their personal injuries against the at-fault drivers.

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