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Grand Canyon accidents may require an experienced Phoenix injury lawyer

A Grand Canyon car accident killed one man and seriously injured two others when their truck smashed into a tree on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, the Tucson Citizen reported.

The fatality victim was taken to the Coconino County Medical Examiner’s Office. The two survivors were transported to Flagstaff Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries.Responding officers arrived at the accident scene near the intersection of Shuttle and Center roads, to find the pickup truck had smashed into a tree. The road was closed for more than three hours while the accident was investigated and the scene was cleared. The investigation is being handled by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the National Park Service and the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.

Grand Canyon accidents occur under many different circumstances. White water rafting expeditions down the Colorado River have proven among the deadliest activities, according to a 2001 book “Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon.” At least 79 people have drown in the river. Sightseeing crashes are also a danger. Whether by airplane or helicopter, more than 240 people have been killed. More than 50 have died from falls and 65 from environmental factors, including heat stroke and heart attack.

Tourist companies have an obligation to provide safe passage to customers. When they don’t and someone is injured or killed through negligence, a Phoenix injury lawyer should be consulted to ensure the victim has the experienced legal representation necessary to protect his or her rights.

Of course not all victims die as the result of a company’s negligence. Each year, hikers who overestimate their fitness level wander off and become disoriented and dehydrated. Sometimes they are rescued, and sometimes they are not. Signs featuring buff hikers have been installed that read “Each year we rescue hundreds of people from the Canyon. Most of them look like him.”

Several dozen others have been killed in freak accidents, including lightning strikes and rock falls. At least 48 people have committed suicide in the canyon over the years and two dozen have been the victims of homicide.

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