Heavy enforcement aims to reduce serious and fatal Arizona car accidents this summer

The Arizona Department of Public Safety followed up an airborne speed enforcement effort late last week with a weekend traffic-enforcement program that targeted Interstate 10 and Interstate 8. The efforts are the beginning of a summer enforcement program aimed at reducing serious and fatal Arizona car accidents.

Our Phoenix injury attorneys encourage you to have your vehicle serviced, practice safe driving habits, obey the law and enjoy the summer travel season.

During the airborne patrol, a Cessna 182 flew to the Parker area, where it conducted traffic enforcement along State Route 95 and Interstate 10. Patrol cars on the ground stopped violators.

The weekend enforcement effort took place Sunday between noon and 8 p.m. and targeted motorists on Interstate 10 and Interstate 8 between the New Mexico and California borders. The enforcement efforts are in response to the increase in traffic through the summer travel season.

Earlier this month, the Arizona Department of Public Safety offered safe summer driving tips for Arizona motorists.

-The extreme summer temperatures make preventing a tire or mechanical failure an essential part of driving safety. Make sure your vehicle has been serviced by a qualified mechanic.

-Keep plenty of water and a first aid kit inside your vehicle.

-Follow scheduled maintenance guidelines. Check fluids regularly. Check belts and hoses and replace those with a cracked or dry appearance. Also check regularly for leaks or drips on the ground beneath where your car is parked overnight.

-Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Rotate and balance your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Dealing with a tire blowout:

-A tire blowout is frequently signaled by a loud booming noise or the feeling that your vehicle is pulling to one side.

-Do not brake.

-Do not take your foot off the accelerator.

-Ease your foot into the accelerator to maintain momentum.

-Compensate for pulling by counter steering.

-Find a safe location, preferably a highway exit, decelerate or brake lightly and stop away from traffic. Put your hood up to signal your vehicle is disabled and call or make arrangements for roadside assistance.

Additional Safety Tips:

-When your vehicle experiences a problem, maintain control before worrying about what is causing the mechanical issue.

-Utilize good driving habits. Don’t drive distracted.

-Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drive tired or drowsy — stop and rest if necessary.

-Obey traffic laws
-Move over for stopped emergency vehicles — it’s the law. Whenever possible, move to the lane of travel furthest from a stopped emergency vehicle, reduce speed and use caution.

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