Heavy Traffic, Congestion Expected in Phoenix this Weekend

If you drive in the Phoenix area on occasion, you probably are used to rush hour traffic, congestion, and traffic flow issues. As the population in Arizona continues to increase and the number of licensed drivers continue to grow, traffic problems become more apparent and place a strain on many drivers.

Most of these issues are worst during morning and evening commutes but can vary depending on where you are in the Valley and which roads or highways you will take. The Loop 101 and 202 are notorious for back-up related issues and for stop and go traffic but many local roads face the same problems. While traffic simply is an annoyance to most commuters, it can cause more than headaches when a car accident occurs. Heavy traffic means that rear-end crashes are very likely and so are collisions that occur due to vehicles merging into and out of various lanes.

When a car accident occurs due to traffic, it is usually caused in fact by an error or a mistake on the part of one or more drivers involved. Regardless of how congested a road may be, motorists should be able to traverse it safely without incident if all drivers act responsibly. Failing to drive in a safe and reasonable manner may have significant consequences ranging from a possible traffic ticket to a criminal charge. Additionally, the victims of Phoenix-area car accident may be able to make a financial recovery for their damages if a collision has left them hurt, and that can extent liability on the part of an at-fault driver. If you have been involved in a crash or if your loved one was injured or killed, you might get the answers you need about your legal options by speaking with a personal injury lawyer in the Valley.

Much is happening in the Phoenix area this weekend so officials are warning drivers now that streets may become congested, leading to an increased risk of a collision. The Arizona Department of Transportation believes that the West Valley may be most at risk for increased traffic but it will not be the only place. If you are attending the Arizona Cardinals game on Sunday or the Nascar event, be warned that both are expected to end at approximately the same time with those motorists using many of the same roads to exit the area. In addition to patrons of special events, those in the Valley for other purposes, like shopping, likely will experience some slowdowns due to the anticipated traffic.

While traffic is expected to be heavy on both Saturday and Sunday, it appears that Sunday will be the worst of the two at this point in time. Officials encourage motorists to plan ahead and leave extra time to get to where they are going, monitor traffic reports for current conditions, and consider alternative routes that may be less crowded. Additional information can be found on ADOT’s Twitter account.



In many cases, heavy traffic is a fact of life that cannot be avoided. If you are driving in congestion, you may not be able to escape it and you may be forced to deal with it until conditions improve. But not all drivers take this approach and some begin to act negligently or recklessly, whether they are cutting off other drivers, tailgating, or otherwise posing a threat.

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