Majority of American Drivers are Unaware of New Automobile Safety Technology

Technology permeates our daily lives from the minute we awake in the morning until the minute we go to bed at night. It is so pervasive that most people in Phoenix do not think about its presence, taking for granted the alarm clock attached to their smart phone, the high-definition, flat screen TV that provides their news, and the goods that get delivered straight to their door after being purchased online.

Automobiles have been in existence for well over 100 years and the majority of Phoenix residents today either own a car or have access to one. These vehicles have not escaped the rapid advances in technology that are more noted in other aspects of our lives and in fact, new safety features debut every year in cars that make it more likely for accident victims to escape a collision unharmed.

But new concerns are being raised about the public’s awareness of some of these safety features. If a driver does not know about them or is uninformed about how they function, do they really provide a benefit to those inside the car? In response, the National Safety Council has developed a new web site and is taking affirmative action to inform the public about trends in automobile safety and to alert them to advances to which the public may be unaware.

Today, drivers and passengers can visit to get more information about common safety features that are either widely available or are available on advanced models of modern cars. Information and advice on using many features is available, including back-up cameras, lane departure warnings, tire pressure monitoring systems, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, pedestrian detection, and sideview cameras.

The need for additional information is apparent when the results of a recent study are reviewed. The study, conducted by the University of Iowa Public Policy Center’s Transportation and Vehicle Safety program, revealed that 65 percent of drivers across the country did not know what adaptive cruise control was. This, despite the fact that this feature has been available on cars for years.

Getting motorists familiar with newer technology on cars has been slightly more difficult in recent years, in part because vehicles are being built better. As cars last longer, the average age of a vehicle on the road increases, which means that fewer motorists are driving cars with the newest set of safety features. Currently, the average age of a car on an American road is 11.5 years which is significantly older than many of the newest safety trends.

That is being credited as one of the main reasons that only half of those surveyed knew about lane departure warnings on a car and only about 55 percent were familiar with tire pressure monitoring. More confusing may be the lack of awareness of some older features, like anti-lock brakes, which only 92 percent of drivers acknowledged they knew about even though the feature has been common since the 1980s. Similarly, only 94 percent of drivers said they were familiar with cruise control.

As safety features continue to appear on American vehicles, it will be increasingly beneficial for drivers to familiarize themselves with these features as they may be the difference between a close call and a collision. But until cars are accident-proof, collisions will keep taking place and will continue to threaten the safety of those who call Phoenix home.



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