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Manslaughter Charges in Suspected Intoxicated Driving Crash

When a car accident takes place in Phoenix, the fallout from the collision does not end the moment the cars stop spinning. Instead, while a collision takes mere moments, it triggers a series of events that can last hours, days, weeks, or even years. In most cases, police are alerted when a crash happens and they respond to the scene. Emergency medical crews may also arrive if injuries are suspected or confirmed or if the accident is believed to be significant.

Most collisions trigger an on-scene investigation that will include an officer interviewing those involved in the crash as well as any eyewitnesses available. The accident may be evaluated and officials will attempt to determine which factors led to the crash and whether anyone involved erred prior to the impact, potentially leading to the issuance of traffic tickets or criminal charges. Vehicles will need to be repaired or replaced and the victims of the collision will have to deal with some inconveniences. When injuries result, victims may need to obtain medical help at a hospital, may need follow up care, or may need other assistance like rehabilitative and occupational therapy.

The fallout from a collision lasts much longer than the crash itself and at-fault drivers often fail to consider this in the moments that follow an accident. Yet the liability for these crashes can extend from a traffic ticket to a criminal courtroom and even to the financially liability for the injuries sustained buy victims. This last part – financial liability – can be astounding as even a simple, low speed collision may produce devastating injuries.

The laws are on the side of victims when it comes to post-accident help and relief and may entitle car crash victims to obtain financial compensation for their losses. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in the Phoenix area can help you realize what relief may be available to you if you have been hurt or if your loved one was killed in a collision.

Police in Phoenix have released new information regarding a January 8, 2015 car accident that left one man dead and a second man injured. The crash happened near 35th Avenue and Greenway Road in Phoenix and involved a suspected speeding vehicle that ran a red light, causing a collision with a second car in the area. Police have now stated that the suspected at-fault driver was under the influence of pain medication at the time of the impact and that he was known to area firefighters as an opiate user.

The alleged at-fault driver was hurt and the driver of the other vehicle lost his life the day after the collision due to the injuries he sustained. Now, the suspected at-fault driver is facing manslaughter and speed-related charges for his role in the crash.



When an accident happens in Phoenix, it rarely ends when the dust settles at the scene. Instead, injuries may prolong a recovery or tragedy may take a loved one from a family, meaning that nothing will ever enable the losses to end.

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