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May is National Water Safety Month

If you blinked, odds are that you missed it: May arrived in the Phoenix area without a lot of fanfare of attention. But if you are one of the tens of thousands of homeowners here who have a backyard pool, if your children will spend time at a daycare, summer camp, or youth activity with water, or if you take advantage of the many public water resources that Maricopa County has to offer, know that May is more than just a new month. Rather, May marks National Water Safety Month, a time to refresh your own knowledge about water-related issues and to teach your children about safety in and near the water.

A swimming pool or other body of water can be a great way to burn off some energy or to relax after a long day. In Arizona, it can also be a lifeline as the brutal summer heat can make anything other than swimming unbearable. If done properly, people of all ages can have fun in the water without having to worry about the potential for a swimming pool accident or drowning, but unfortunately, dozens of such incidents happen in our community every year.

National Water Safety Month is an awareness campaign organized by The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals with support from the National Recreation & Parks Association, the American Red Cross, and the World Waterpark Association. The goal is to help Americans enjoy pools and spas in a safe and accident-free manner not only in May but in every month of the year.

There are many takeaways that are emphasized during National Water Safety Month but the biggest may be that safety is a controllable element of water activities. If you are an adult, you can control your actions around pools so that you, your loved ones, and others in the area remain free of injury.

To stay safe, the best thing everyone can do is to learn how to swim. Whether you are very young or very old, swim classes are offered for people your age in Phoenix and can make the difference between life and death. Similarly, all adults and older children should learn how to do CPR and be certified in it if possible. Know that if you learned CPR some time ago, the recommended technique has changed and you may benefit from an additional refresher course.

If you have kids, make sure you set pool rules and enforce them whenever necessary. Never let children swim without adult supervision and if your child is unable to swim unassisted, stay within an arm’s length of that child at all times in the water. Kids are not capable of understanding the dangers associated with water and they cannot appreciate that their actions may lead to risks related to their personal safety so it remains your job as a parent to help them act appropriately when near pools.

Know that if the unthinkable happens and you or someone you love suffers due to a swimming pool accident in Arizona, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your damages and you have the right to retain a personal injury attorney to fight on your behalf.

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