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More than half of all Arizona drunk driving accidents involve car accidents in Phoenix

A total of 29,282 Phoenix car accidents claimed 142 lives and injured 9,714 in 2009, according to statistics being released by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Maricopa County car accidents accounted for $1.4 billion in losses, or more than half of the $2.7 billion traffic accidents cost Arizona statewide in 2009. More than half of all Arizona drunk driving accidents also occurred in Maricopa County, accounting for 3,601 of the state’s 5,854 traffic crashes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently reported the fewest traffic accidents since 1950. A total of 33,808 motorists were killed on the nation’s roads in 2009, compared to the 37,423 deaths reported in 2008.
Arizona car accidents by county: Maricopa: 68,653 accidents/280 fatalities/21,410 injuries Pima: 15,669 accidents/83 fatalities/5,292 injuries Coconino: 3,768 accidents/39 fatalities/903 injuries Pinal: 3,541 accidents/62 fatalities/1,079 injuries Yavapai: 3,313 accidents/42 fatalities/1,003 injuries Yuma: 2,825 accidents/24 fatalities/968 injuries Mohave: 2,940 accidents/34 fatalities/974 injuries Cochise: 1,876 accidents/30 fatalities/486 injuries Navajo: 1,241 accidents/38 fatalities/360 injuries Gila: 984 accidents/17fatalities/303 injuries Apache: 591 accidents/29 fatalities/203 injuries Santa Cruz: 591 accidents/6 fatalities/149 injuries La Paz: 421 accidents/15 fatalities/131 injuries Graham: 287 accidents/8 fatalities/ 94 injuries Greenlee: 67 accidents/2 fatalities/25 injuries
Arizona pickup truck accidents accounted for nearly 20 percent of all Arizona accidents.

Crashes by vehicle type
Cars: 98,888 Pickup Trucks: 38,674 Station Wagons: 35,990 Tractor-Trailer Accidents: 2,457 Concrete Mixers: 31 Dump Truck Accidents: 164 Garbage Truck Accidents: 121 Tanker Truck Accidents: 42 Tow Truck Accidents: 143 School Bus Accidents: 238 Commercial Bus Accidents: 1,086 Motorcycle Accidents: 3,029 ATV Accidents: 169
Moped Accidents: 21 RV Accidents: 153

Top 5 Most Common Causes of Accidents (non-alcohol):
Speed too fast for conditions: 33,845 Failure to Yield Right of Way: 18,531 Inattention/Distraction: 11,117 Following too Closely: 5,502 Unsafe Lane Change: 5,557
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