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Motorcyclist Arrested After Driving 114 Miles Per Hour in Glendale

A Glendale police officer was patrolling near a construction zone near 43rd Avenue and Grand Avenue on Wednesday morning when he heard a motorcycle approaching. The officer aimed his radar gun at the bike and was shocked to realize that the motorcyclist was traveling at 114 miles per hour, more than twice the legal limit in the area.

The officer pulled over the motorcyclist who is being described as a 21-year-old male after he caught up with the biker at Grand Avenue and 35th Street. The motorist reportedly did not know the legal speed limit in the area or how fast he had been traveling. According to the police officer, the biker did not seem to care that he had been traveling at more than twice the legal limit and did not seem surprised by the information.

The biker reportedly used a lane that is currently closed for construction to speed past cars that were waiting for a red light, enabling him to reach a high speed without traffic blocking his path. When questioned about his speed, the man informed the officer that he was late for work and therefore in a hurry.

The motorcyclist was arrested at the scene and charged with numerous misdemeanor traffic violations, though the specific charges are not clear at this time. Police have also stated that the man did not have a motorcycle endorsement on his driver’s license, a requirement to operate a motorcycle in the state of Arizona.

Fortunately this motorcyclist was stopped before he had a chance to cause an accident, but traveling at 114 miles per hour through a construction zone and in an closed lane was a serious and imminent threat to all other drivers in the area. Often, motorcyclists are the victims of accidents because drivers in cars and trucks do not see a biker and cause an accident. However, as this incident illustrates, motorcyclists can also be responsible for reckless conduct on the roads, and this can lead to serious or even fatal accidents. In some crashes, a motorcycle receives the majority of the force of the impact, leading most of the damage to be inflicted on the motorcyclists and the bike. However, when a biker hits a pedestrian or a bicyclist, the opposite is often true. If the negligent conduct of a motorcyclist causes injuries to another, the biker can be held financially liable for any damage caused.



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