Multi-Car Accident in Phoenix Injures at Least Two

In 2011, more than 32,000 people were killed in traffic accidents across the country. No state and no major city was spared from these devastating incidents and the Phoenix area saw its fair share of fatalities. But in addition to the loss of lives, thousands of additional collisions happen in Arizona every year that cause injuries short of death to the drivers and passengers involved and, in some cases, others in the area.

Whether a driver, a passenger, a motorcyclists, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian is harmed in a car accident in Phoenix, local and state laws may apply that protect that victim from the financial harm that accompanies his or her injuries. The right to seek relief, including monetary compensation, often belongs to injury victims who have the right to bring a claim against all the parties responsible for an accident. Victims can recover for medical expenses, pain, suffering, disfigurement, and lost wages among other damages depending on the facts involved in their particular accident. When questions arise about the legal rights of a car crash victim, speaking with a personal injury attorney may help illuminate the options available in the State of Arizona, including whether relief is possible.

Police in Phoenix have confirmed that the lives of several people were affected on Tuesday evening when four vehicles collided near the intersection of 75th Avenue and Sells Drive. Though it is still early in their investigation, police have confirmed that at least four people involved in the collision were evaluated at the scene for injuries and that two of those people were taken by ambulance to area hospitals. Though the nature of their injuries has not been disclosed, those victims are expected to survive.

The outcome of the investigation started by local officials may determine whether any driver involved in the collision will receive a traffic citation or criminal charges related to the incident but that may not be the end of the legal fallout from this collision. If anyone is found to have acted negligently or recklessly, those individuals may be held financially responsible for the totality of the damages that happened due to the crash which may include the medical bills incurred by any victims, including those who may need treatment after the date of the accident.



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