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New mobile app from AAA guides Arizona car crash victims through the post-traffic accident process

Phoenix accident attorneys know how jarring a car collision can be and understand the confusion that arises in its aftermath as you decide what to do next. A new app for the iPad and iPhone released by AAA attempts to alleviate this confusion by guiding the user through a post-crash process that includes properly documenting the crash itself and requesting roadside assistance if necessary, ABC news is reporting.

According to the AAA press release, the app provides is one-touch calling to police and emergency services if they are needed. It then guides you through a step by step process of gathering the relevant crash information you need to submit an insurance claim and document the incident for any potential litigation that may arise. This process includes taking photos of the crash site and any damages, documenting the parties, vehicles, and witness involved in the crash, and storing the information in an easily accessible file on your phone.

The app can also hold all the details of your insurance policy and the contact information of your insurance provider. This allows you to collect all the crash data and send it to your insurance company directly from your phone.

Our experience as Arizona auto accident lawyers has taught us that while the moments after a car crash can be chaotic, it could be helpful to document the incident if at all possible. A well-documented car accident could make it easier for attorneys to later help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries and alleviate some of the stress of the post-crash process.

The new app is available to download for free on either your mobile phone or desktop through the iTunes store. For more information on the app you can visit This is the fourth free iPhone app offered by AAA, joining the AAA Discounts app, the AAA Roadside app, and the AAA TripTik mobile travel planner.

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This blog was co-authored by Shane Nichols, a second-year law student at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

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