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New Technology being Tested by ADOT to Alert, Deter Wrong-Way Drivers in Phoenix

Wrong-way drivers have been a serious threat to public safety in Phoenix over the last two years. Though collisions involving a driver operating the wrong way have been happening for much longer, the last 24 months have seen a staggering number of these incidents and many of them have caused car accidents in the Phoenix area.

Far too often, collisions lead to injuries or even to the deaths of those involved, whether those victims were drivers, passengers, or even pedestrians in an area. Time and time again, people who made no mistakes are the ones left suffering and who are forced to pick up the pieces after a crash, trying to move forward even though their lives will never be the same. Though there is nothing that can erase the harm done by a collision once one occurs, victims of these incidents are protected by numerous laws that recognize that an injury victim should not be forced to bear the financial liability for his or her injuries. Instead, those who are hurt in Phoenix can seek and obtain relief against a responsible, at-fault driver through the use of a civil claim for damages. These are legal actions that are different from any charges brought by local police and the goal of a civil claim is to benefit those who need it the most – the victims who were hurt or the surviving family members of those who were killed.

Options exist to help victims but the best option is always to avoid a collision before one happens. Officials with the Arizona Department of Transportation have recognized this fact and have taken steps recently to reduce the incidence of wrong-way drivers and to try and prevent accidents as a result.

Last week, three new detectors were installed along exit ramps of the Loop 101. Through the use of a radar and camera system, these detectors are able to determine when a car operates the wrong way along the exit ramp, prompting a sign stating “Wrong Way” to illuminate with flashing lights. In addition to the visual warning provided to a driver, cameras can capture the wrong-way vehicle and send visual images to officials with ADOT and local police to alert them of the threat.

These three new detectors join two others that were installed in 2014 to make five detectors on exit ramps of the Loop 101. The locations were chosen after statistics were reviewed and studied in an attempt to place the detectors in locations that would be most beneficial to motorists. But these new detectors are not the only steps that have been taken by authorities in Maricopa County as newer, larger “Wrong Way” signs without flashing lights have been installed in hundreds of locations and those signs have been hung lower than old signs, increasing their visibility.



Until every single wrong-way driver is stopped or prevented from operating on Phoenix roadways, collisions involving those vehicles likely will continue and will cause injuries to those involved. If you have been hurt in a traffic accident or if your loved one was injured or killed, make sure you understand your legal rights and whether you have a valid claim for your damages.

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