Passengers are at Risk for Injuries in Phoenix Car Accidents

What does a typical car accident in Phoenix look like? You may have a picture in your mind, but experts agree that it is difficult to express a “typical” collision because each crash is unique. From the number of vehicles involved to the factors that led to an impact, the facts surrounding each car accident vary enough that it can be challenging to lump them together for analysis.

But in the end, what matters most following a car crash is the safety of those who were involved. Drivers and passengers alike are prone to injuries in a collision but often, the safety of passengers is overlooked or not contemplated. The presence of passengers does not always get as much media attention as the presence of drivers in a car and therefore, less attention is paid to their health by the public at large.

There are legal issues surrounding a passenger’s rights when a collision occurs and that passenger is hurt that are important for all victims to know. First, unlike some drivers in the crash, passengers are not to blame when a collision takes place. Regardless of whether they were in the same car as an at-fault driver or in another vehicle, it was not the actions of passenger that caused the accident. The laws in Phoenix recognize this by protecting the rights of passengers and letting them seek payment for their injuries regardless of which vehicle they were in prior to an impact.

Typically, a passenger that is harmed in a crash can seek relief through one of more sources. That victim may have a valid claim against an at-fault driver and/or that driver’s automobile insurance company, the owner or insurer of an at-fault vehicle, the owner, driver, or insurer of the vehicle in which the passenger was riding, or even a passenger’s own insurance company. Often, multiple claims may be possible to help a victim obtain a full and adequate recovery.

Claims can seek payment for any damages that stem from a crash and can include things like medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of a normal life, and the permanency of harm suffered by a victim. If you were involved in a collision, speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you realize which of your damages may be compensable and what must be done to protect your rights.



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