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Phoenix area bike accident critically injures 11-year-old boy

An 11-year-old child is been seriously injured after being involved in an Arizona SUV vs. bicycle accident, according to The collision took place in Maricopa just after 1 PM on Wednesday in the Rancho El Dorado subdivision.

When Maricopa police officers responded to the accident, they located the boy sitting on the side of the road with his bicycle. A witness at the scene saw the child get hit by the SUV as he was crossing the street.

Around 10 minutes after police arrived the child started showing signs of trauma and head injuries. He was taken by ambulance to Maricopa Medical Center. Upon arrival at the hospital treating physicians discovered internal bleeding in his head and emergency surgery was performed. The child reportedly is still in critical condition.

It was not reported if the bicyclist crossed in the middle of a block or at an intersection.

It has also not been reported if a Phoenix bicycle accident attorney is involved in the case yet. With injuries this serious, it is likely that the boy’s family will have an Arizona injury lawyer investigate a possible civil claim.

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