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Phoenix bicycle accident involving SUV results in serious injuries

A bike accident in Phoenix has left the 33-year-old woman in critical condition, the Arizona Republic is reporting. The Arizona bike vs. SUV accident took place on September 19, 2010 near the intersection of N. Desert Willow Pkwy. and East Rancho Tierra Drive on the far North Side of Phoenix. The victim of the Phoenix bicycle accident reportedly has sustained “life-threatening brain bleeding”.

The 44-year-old SUV driver the is believed to have been driving while intoxicated at the time of the crash. The Phoenix Police Department is handling the crash investigation. After the accident police arrested the driver and charged him with aggravated assault. They allege that the defendant appeared to be impaired and he further admitted to drinking 1 to 2 beers.

Police state he hit the bicyclist with his Chevy SUV after failing to yield a stop sign. Police further say that the woman was within a marked bicycle lane at the time of the accident, and she also had functioning lights on the bike. The Arizona Republic states that information above is according to documents filed in Maricopa County Superior Court.

It is not been reported if a Phoenix bike accident lawyer is involved in the case yet. At this point, there appears to be a very solid negligence case against the at fault SUV driver.

In the year 2008 there were just under 2000 bicycle accidents in the State of Arizona. In those accidents, 19 bicyclists were killed and 1674 were injured, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Bicycle accident numbers for the year 2009 have not yet been released.

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