Phoenix Car Accident Injures Mother and Child

National studies indicate that the typical American will be involved in 3-4 car accidents in his or her lifetime. Those numbers are generalizations but they highlight the threat faced on a daily basis when we choose to drive or ride as a passenger in a car. Of course, some people will be lucky and may experience fewer, if any, crashes while they live but for every one of those individuals, there is another person on the opposite end of the spectrum who may be victimized in far more than 3-4 crashes. The resulting impact of these accidents may be minor or they may be severe; in the most extreme cases, people will lose their lives in a car accident in Phoenix or may be left to suffer permanent, debilitating injuries. When that happens, victims may wonder where to turn for help.

The laws in Arizona and those that apply in the Valley of the Sun enable victims to seek relief through the use of a civil claim for damages. This type of case can help a victim and that victim’s family recover for losses including medical and surgical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. When in doubt, speaking with a personal injury lawyer can help illuminate your options and your possible routes for relief when a collision leaves you hurt.

The actions of a driver can lead to a car accident but those are far from the only factors that may contribute to a collision. Other issues like inclement weather, mechanical failures, and actions beyond the control of a driver can also cause a collision to occur. Today, police in Phoenix are attempting to review the factors that may have combined to cause a weekend crash that left a woman and her daughter injured.

Police were notified of the Phoenix-area crash this weekend and they responded to the scene along with paramedics. The paramedics evaluated the driver, a woman described as in her 20s, as well as her 4-year-old daughter who was in the vehicle. Both were injured and both were taken to area hospitals for additional treatment where the nature of their injuries and their current conditions are not clear.

It is not known why this collision happened or whether any other vehicles were involved but police have noted that their investigation remains open and ongoing at this point in time.



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