Phoenix Car Accident Sends Victim to Hospital

If you are like most drivers in Phoenix, you get in your car, buckle your seat belt, and begin driving to your destination while following the laws of the road. You probably operate in a manner that is safe for those in your vehicle and for others in the area and you probably refrain from risking behaviors, like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When surveyed, more than 80 percent of all Americans consider themselves to be better than the average driver. Yet with so may people claiming that they are safe behind the wheel and that they are good drivers, it may be surprising to realize that more than 100,000 car accidents occur in Arizona every year with many of these collisions taking place in the greater Phoenix area.

It is true that most drivers know basic traffic rules and that these drivers follow most of these rules, most of the time. But even the safest driver may become momentarily distracted while behind the wheel and may lose focus, leading to a potentially dangerous situation that can include a car crash. Victims of these accidents often are left with injuries ranging from the minor to the severe and may need help in their recoveries. Under Arizona laws, those drivers who are responsible for causing an accident are also responsible for the damages that ensue, whether those damages take the form of medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix may help you understand your options for relief, including whether you are entitled to financial compensation for your damages, if you or your loved one has been involved in a collision.

Shortly before 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday night, two vehicles collided near the area of Thomas Road and 35th Avenue. It appears that one vehicle was entering Thomas Road when a second car, driving on Thomas, struck the first, causing a collision that left at least one person in need of medical help. While officials are still reviewing relevant facts, they believe that both speed and impairment may have played a role and the second driver was arrested at the scene as a result. Charges are believed to be pending though authorities have not disclosed the nature of those charges at this time.

Emergency crews responded to the scene of the accident and assessed the conditions of those involved. The driver in the first vehicle that was entering Thomas Road was injured and was taken to an area hospital for treatment of unknown injuries where his present condition is not clear.

Anyone can be injured in an auto accident in Phoenix, whether a driver, a passenger, or even a pedestrian in the area. Often it can seem like no one is on your side when you are a victim and that no one is concerned about the fact that you were hurt.



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