Phoenix car crash – pickup truck hits garage

An Arizona auto accident occurred on Sunday in the area of 75th Ave. and Mountain View Rd. in Phoenix where a driver crashed into a garage at a home, according to The incident occurred when a man who was backing out of this own driveway lost control of his vehicle, drove across the street and struck an attached garage where his neighbor was working.

No injuries have been reported.

Making the situation even more odd, it is being said that the driver of the truck works for a garage door company. Accident cleanup is supposed to be underway at the home.

While luckily it sounds like no one was injured in this accident, that is not always the case, and car crashes where motorists hit buildings is not all that uncommon. Phoenix personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes have handled a couple of these cases.

In one case, our law firm represented a woman who was at home when her elderly neighbor lost control of her vehicle, drove into her house and hit her while she was lying in bed in a first-floor bedroom. The injuries in the case were non-life-threatening and the claim settled without having to file a lawsuit.

In another injury case we worked on, accident lawyers from our office represented a man who was eating lunch at a busy hot dog stand in downtown Chicago when an elderly motorist lost control of his car and drove right into the restaurant, striking several patrons.

The plaintiff was taken by ambulance to an emergency room with complaints of neck and back pain, and headaches. He ended up having to go through medical treatment for several months with an osteopathic physician. A lawsuit was filed in the case which settled prior to going to trial.

And speaking of Chicago accidents, there is a popular restaurant downtown called Petterino’s that is across from the Daley Center Courthouse. The restaurant has been on the wrong end of taxicab accidents on several occasions. Each time (and I can remember at least three events) a taxi is involved in some type of accident, or just loses control, and hits the eatery. Fortunately, there’s been no fatalities or severe injuries in any of the crashes.

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